Many people today want to know why there are diseases like pneumonia and asthma, and why modern medicine can’t eradicate them fully. I hope that through these articles, some of these questions will be answered.

Article 1: The Asthma Epidemic


This article aims to let us know more about asthma, how it happens, and it also details the worrying increase of asthma attacks in the US. According to the article, asthma is increasing rapidly throughout the years, despite the decrease in smoking. This is because of the presence of allergens, such as pollen or wheat. In non-asthmatics, these can only produce a minimal response at most, but in asthmatics, this leads to inflammation of the bronchioles. When this happens, the bronchioles swell, and they become chock-full of mucus, which restricts the airflow to the alveoli. Without air, the person will have difficulty doing activities, and it will lead to even more severe asthma symptoms. It also details to us about what people can do to alleviate asthma, such as decreasing the food which can trigger their asthma and making sure that their air is clean.

From this article, I learned that many respiratory diseases often multiple triggers, even if the person is only allergic to one certain substance, and it is really complicated, both for us and for the affected people. Back then, I thought that people are merely born with it. I also thought back then that the only way to solve asthma is through the use of medicine and modern tools like the nebulizer. With this knowledge, I often wondered why asthma isn’t totally eradicated or at least minimized, and why some cases can only be minimized. However, from this, I learned that asthma not only has something to do with the bronchioles, it also affects our immune system. After all, from what I read, they often go in a frenzy whenever an allergen like food is put in the body of the one affected. I also learned how complicated it can be for the person and the doctor, and even society, for a person to have an ailment even as basic as this.. It turns out that it is often hard to minimize conditions like these because the causes can’t be eradicated and that we can only help people so much because of how widespread it is now.

This information is beneficial to society, especially to asthmatics, in that it can help them deal with the problem, and hopefully, manage to minimize the symptoms, and eventually, the disease from affecting people. It is also useful in that it includes methods on how to deal with it without the use of too much modern medicine. After all, money is important in times like these. With this blog, it also helps us know why asthma happens, and eventually, we will be able to understand what happens to asthmatics and be able to sympathize with their problem and help them. It also tells us to be more careful with what we breathe and what we eat, an important thing that we need to learn in order to help us curb respiratory diseases.

I feel that this issue is important to us, especially in times like these. This issue tells us that asthma attacks are on the rise. We need to know the causes of these, lest we become another unsuspecting victim of asthma. Despite this being in a country halfway around the world, it is still important for us to know about it because it also affects us, too. There are higher chances for us to get asthma in a developing country, so we should remain alert. It is also helpful for us because, aside from these, it details to us cost-effective methods on how to help people with asthma. As I said earlier, money is important. We need to know how much we are spending and save as much money as possible. We also cannot settle for short-term solutions, like antibiotics, to solve our problems. If asthma is going to be with us for a long time, we need to know how to live with it, and methods like installing air filters help a lot.

Article 2: How to Keep a Healthy Respiratory System


This issue covers about the things we can do to keep our respiratory system healthy. Although people may already know of these methods, it is still not followed, and oftentimes, people ignore this, and in turn, they get respiratory system illnesses. Our respiratory system may be involuntary, but we still need to keep the system healthy and running in peak performance so that our body systems may run smoothly. Without the proper exchange of air, we will be unable to do our daily activities. It is imperative that we keep our respiratory system healthy, no matter the conditions. In general, this article covers health issues about the respiratory system.

I learned that taking care of our respiratory systems can be so easy, and yet, so hard. The methods may seem easy for us, like taking exercises, or not smoking. In reality, these easy methods form a more complicated routine that we have to do. For example, it may seem hard to take a balanced idet. We have favorite foods, and it is hard to give these up to be healthy. I also learned that even the most basic acts will affect our respiratory system, and how we perform during the day. Going back on the previous example, it is hard for me to believe that even something as small and daily as something that we eat can affect our breathing! I thought it relied on our air quality, our vaccines and our medicines, but apparently, our breathing is affected by everything. In turn, our actions are affected by what we do. This made me even more firm in my belief that care for the respiratory system is an utmost importance.

The community can learn a lot about the importance of a healthy respiratory system is to them and to the community. In a community, no matter the size, it is important for everyone to be able to help, and one way to start is to make sure that they can breathe well. The methods detailed in here can help everyone live healthy lives, without worry for the consequences of respiratory ailments. In our current conditions, it is easy to get asthma, bronchitis, or even worse. With good habits, we will be able to prevent ourselves from getting these ailments and live healthily.

I feel that this blog is important because it is one of the articles we can rely on to improve our lives. With the increasing number of cases of respiratory ailments that are being recorded, we really need to find out how we can live healthily. Things like cigarettes, cars and factory smoke aren’t helping either, especially since we live in urban environments, where all three of these, along with a lot of pollutants, are present. It is also harmful for our budgets when it comes to trying to heal respiratory illnesses, especially because we can only try to help the person live comfortably with it most of the time. There is no known sure-fire cure for asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis, some of the most common ailments that is present in society. All we can do is give the person some rest, some antibiotics, and pray to God. There is even a chance that it will become chronic, meaning that it will be with the person for a really long time. If we live healthier, our respiratory systems will be less prone to these, and we will not only save money, but also time, our lives, and be able to help other lives. We will be able to influence others to do the same, and help others.

These are my two articles. I hope that you have learned something from them, and in turn, be able to apply it to our daily lives. I hope that through this, you will know how to live healthier lives, and be able to help others do the same.