My name is Kyle Kang. I am 12 years old (do not say 13 because of my height), which means I am in Grade 6. I am in 6C (not sexy), and I am in GEMS for all subjects, namely Math, Chinese, Science and English (but mind you, I am not a nerd. Nerds don’t play). My class adviser is Mr. Villanueva, however, he is now replaced by Mr. Fuentes, his backup adviser (so sad for me. We were even planning to have a pizza party with him). My favorite subject is Science. We usually have funny moments and jokes. Science itself is very exciting.

Anyway, I won’t tell you my address nor telephone number for the sake of safety (somebody probably might rob our house or take me hostage, like Rolando Mendoza) and for privacy (I don’t want a mob banging on our doors for any reason). I have 2 siblings, both girls. One is 8 years old, and the other is just a month old.

Anyway, this is the link to our class website, just in case you want to take a look at it. You have to have a wordpress account to be able to comment on our works. When visiting the website, you must remember to follow the Blog Attitudes and the Compandments. If you fail to follow it, we will hunt you down (NO, I am NOT kidding). There is a lot of information about our class and teachers. You can even join in our debate!!! We regularly post things, including HW and announcements. There are also jokes (especially about the government), stories(ghost stories included), brainteasers and reviews posted by our very own class. Hope you enjoy it!!!