Here is the group pie chart for the Math Project. The question is: “If you were the President of the Philippines, what will be your top 3 priorities? Choose 3.”

6A-8 Chart


1. What is the percentage of each choice?

2. Which choice was voted for by the most people and what is the fraction of the people who voted for that choice?

3. If there were 3 more people who voted for the choice “Protecting the environment”, what will be the new percentage of the people who voted for it?

4. What is the percentage of “Economy” and “Peace and Order”?

5. What is the fraction of population in the whole pie chart?

Reflection Questions:

Q#1. If you are the Budget Manager, how would you apportion, the country’s finances?

Answer: Based on the survey we conducted, the country’s finances should be apportioned to the following: Peace and Order, Education and Economy. For me, I personally agree that the aforementioned should be given topmost priority since these are the things our country really need at the moment in order to thrive and progress to hopefully become a first-world country someday. Others, such as Population and Protecting the Environment, are also very important to a nation’s development, but I believe that the first three should be prioritized over population and environment protection as they are more relevant in terms of what our country needs right now.

Q#2.Would there be other areas/sectors in the country that you want to be given top priority in the Philippines? Elaborate.

Answer: There are some things that should not be ignored and should be given top priority. One is the investigation, and hopefully, eradication of corruption in all government offices. It’s been widely known that corruption is very rampant within the different government offices and departments in our country. It should be stated that corruption not only contributes to our nation’s economic struggles, but more importantly, to the decline of morality among the people. Corruption is very deeply rooted within the system, which has led to the sad state that our nation is in right now. If addressed, this would encourage investors to do business here, which in turn could create job opportunities for our fellowmen. Addressing this problem would definitely jumpstart our progress and development. It would be a morale-booster to our people. I would very much like to help put an end to this, so, if I have the power to choose where funds could be allocated to, I would definitely set aside funding to address the problem of corruption in our country. I believe that doing so would help steer us forward in the right direction towards progress and stability.