Here are actors that I would suggest for the Legend of the Wandering King

First up, for the role of King Walid, is Johnny Depp!!! Depp as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp is a very famous Hollywood actor who is well-known for his versatility, from serious character roles such as John Dillinger, to quirky ones like Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the unique character of Edward Scissorhands. He has acted in many award winning movies, including The Pirates of the Carribean series. In the story, Walid encountered many troubles while searching for the magic carpet, including a near-death experience with thieves, dying of thirst in the desert, and losing Zahra. In the end, despite all his troubles, he found the magic carpet. Johnny Depp, our actor, also encountered problems while he was young, including family problems. He even inflicted harm on himself as a way of dealing with his problems. However, in the end, he managed to pursue a successful acting career as well as flourishing in his other passion, music.

The second actor for the cast is Joseph Vijay.

He would be acting for the role of Hammad. In the story, Hammad is a humble carpet weaver who pursued his dreams of becoming a poet, even if it means being destroyed by Walid. He rose up from the poor to do so.  According to many people, Vijay is a humble person, just like Hammad. He was able to pursue his dreams of acting, even if earlier failures plagued his carrer.

For the role of Hakim, I go for Robert Downey, Jr.. Downey, Jr.

Like Johnny Depp, he is a famous Hollywood actor who always exudes depth of character in each and every performance. Commercial hits include his portrayal of Tony Starck in the Iron Man series. In the story, Hakim also was a well known person, as he is the rawi of Walid. However, he is also very controversial, as is Robert Downey, Jr. in real life. He, along with Walid, planned the demise of Hammad, the humble carpet weaver. He also conspired against the grand vizier, since he wanted to occupy his position. After being exiled because of this, he, along with Masrur and Suaid, stole the carpet. It was only after several years that Walid managed to find it. Robert Downey, Jr. also had many issues against him, including drug addiction and divorce.

Our 4th actor, for the part of King Hujr, I would definitely recommend is Sean Connery.

Like King Hujr, Sean would fit the role perfectly in terms of their similarity in age. His health is also starting to fail him, as he was diagnosed with heart disease, had several operations, including one for a kidney tumor and another to remove cataracts. However, he still does acting, and very well at that, as well as other duties and interests despite his health. In the story, King Hujr’s poor health didn’t prevent him from doing his official duties until a few months before his death. In fact, he did it so well that the state of Kinda was going great until he died, and Walid took over.

I recommend  Jake Gylenhall for the role of Amir ibn Hammad, a.k.a, Sayf, the suluk. had a lot of experience in acting, as he started acting when he was just 11 years old.  He also pursues other interests such as cooking, and is also involved in politics. I recommend him because he has played a lot of roles ever since his childhood. I can picture him as a bandit because he is adventurous and he is an excellent fighter. One of his recent movies, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, shows that he can assume a character liked by everyone.

I would recommend two locations. The first is an oasis in the middle of the Sahara desert.

It must be small and isolated, far from any settlement. However, the oasis cannot be too far from a settlement as people must occasonally buy certain supplies (e.g. clothes, tent)  from a town. It must also be big enough to sustain the daily water needs of a tribe for a few months. It cannot be a lake, nor just a small pond. The oasis must also be frequented by a tribe for a certain time in a year. It must also be surrounded by greenery for the animals to graze. The backdrop of the surrounding desert must be visible enough.

The second location would be in Damascus, particularly in the older section of the city. I would suggest filming in a den.

The den must be like the one in the picture, except it has to be an older one. It must be located in the older or more inpoverished part of the city. It would have to be located in a secluded alleyway. The inside must be dusty and dim. There must be several simple furniture, such as a straw bed, and of course, the magical carpet. There would only be one small window, and it would be covered by curtains. This would be Hakim’s den.