June 30, 2010 was a historic day for most, if not all Filipinos, for it was the day Noynoy Aquino was sworn in as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. Tens, even hundreds of thousands of Filipinos attended the inauguration, with millions more watching this momentous occasion on TV. This day was a day of HOPE for us Filipinos, and also a day ofPOSITIVE CHANGE. The inaugural speech, although simple, was very direct, and provided inspiration to most Filipinos. This is because Noynoy was the son of Cory Aquino, a symbol of freedom to Filipinos. What struck me most was his dedication to his intentions TO CURB/ END CORRUPTION, which was his campaign promise to begin with. He vows to do this, first and foremost,THROUGH LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE . One of his first actions was to ban “wang-wang.” This privilege is rightfully accorded to the man occupying the highest position in the land, but  he deemed it best to forego of this privilege to show the people that we are all equal in this country, regardless of our status in society. Now that’s really impressive! He also stated his plans to pursue and investigate the anomalies of the Arroyo administration. Improving the lives of the common people remains a top priority. To do this, ending corruption, as stated above, will be the a very important key. What further impressed me is when he said that public officials are there NOT TO BE SERVED, but rather, they are in the best position to SERVE THE PEOPLE. Yes, it is the government’s responsibility to facilitate ways and means to improve the lives of the citizens, but this is not possible if we, the citizens, just adopt a laid-back attitude and let the government do it themselves. We should, even in our own small ways, help out and contribute to this goal. Progress is only possible if we are all going to be pro-active and do our own share for the betterment of our beloved country. We cannot rely solely on the government or P-Noy alone. He has given us newfound hope, but for it to become a reality, we should work hand in hand in order for our country to move forward. “Sulong Pilipinas!!!”

Go P-Noy!!!